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Super Ornate Gold Frames | 2×6 inch Wedding & Special Event Photo Booth Strip

Chic, elegant, and lavish are just three words that describe this opulent gold framed photo booth strip template design. Set on a stylish white or midnight black background, each photo frame is richly adorned with an extravagant gold frame and flourishes. The design combines a slight whimsical, modern accent with the luxurious magnificence of gold in all its splendor. This 2×6 inch classic style photo booth strip template comes with two different layouts: one with room at the top for text such as the bride’s and groom’s names and another with room at the bottom of the layout for this sort of text along with a wedding date if you would like to add one.

While this template comes with layered Photoshop and Gimp files, neither one is needed to use the template. It’s simple to use it in almost any photo booth software including Darkroom Booth, dslrBooth, Breeze systems, Sparkbooth, and Curator.

Super Ornate Gold Frames | 2×6 inch Wedding & Special Event Photo Booth Strip

  • What You Get with This Photo Booth Strip Template Package


    Files Included in This Wedding & Special Event Photobooth Template Layout


    If editing things in Photoshop isn’t your thing, you’re in luck. This template comes packaged with both black and white ready-to-go overlays (as png image files) that you can load into your photo booth software and be up and running very quickly. All you need to do is add your text for the wedding or special event and you’re good to go.


    Here are the files that are included:

    • The photo booth strip template comes both as a double strip (side-by-side) layout and as single strip layout (for Darkroom Booth and Curator).
    • template.psd (Photoshop file) – It comes with two of these: one with a text area at the top of the layout and another with the text area at the bottom of the photo strip layout.
    • template-elements.psd (Photoshop Elements file) – It comes with two of these for the same reasons mentioned above.
    • template.xcf (Gimp file) – Comes with two of these for the two variations of this photo strip design.
    • 10 overlay.png files and 3 background.jpg files (allows you to quickly choose a white or black background – or a bit of both)
    • sample.jpg (Samples of what the four included photo strip layouts look like)
    • What is Included.pdf (contains font download information)
    • Template License.pdf


    Fonts Used

    Included with the template package is a “What is Included” pdf that lists all of the fonts used in this template and links for where to download them for free commercial use.



    This template works on the following printers plus it should work just fine on many more:

    • DNP RX1
    • DNP DS40
    • Hiti 510 Series
    • Hiti 720L
    • Mitsubishi CP-D70DW
    • Shinko S2145
    • Shinko S6145 (CS2)

    If you’re using our templates and your printer isn’t on this list, let us know. We’d love to add it.


    Photo Booth Software

    This template works on all these photo booth software systems:

    • Darkroom Booth
    • dslrBooth Pro
    • Breeze Systems
      • DSLR Remote Pro
      • NKRemote
      • PSRemote
      • Webcam Photobooth
    • Sparkbooth
    • Curator
    • Snappic
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